“Our longing is the way…” – Rumi


I’ve been talking to my clients about their true passions, their longings for how the world should be, their convictions and their beliefs.  Why? Because I know that your passions, beliefs and longings ultimately form the foundation of how you are different, and these differences manifest as benefits to your clients.

I always share Rumi’s quote with my clients: “Our longing is the way”.  Meaning…follow your longing.  Even if you think it has nothing to do with your j.o.b.

There is a nugget of gold there.

Here’s an inspiring example – the story of ten-year-old Maria Aragon from Winnipeg who ‘followed her longing’…. and made an impact on audiences, and a major emotional impact on a superstar.

How did Maria do it?  I think there are three steps…..

Step 1: Follow, and be proud of, your passion

Step 2: Accept praise openly, even (especially) when it comes from superstars

Step 3: Remember all that time you spent practicing your passion (ie: following your longing)? Well, turns out it creates a pretty great path…