3 Lessons From Our Client – Driving Corporate Clarity from the Founder’s Unique Genius

How do the geniuses of the world build leading companies with a solid foundation of branding and core values?

They use their unique genius as the solid foundation for the company’s DNA.

Take Steve Jobs for example.

I didn’t have the opportunity to lead Steve Jobs through the Pillars of Genius™ method, but I am going to guess that if I had, we would have found one of his unique Pillars of Genius™ was based on Simplicity.

Jobs could definitely have stood up in court to defend “Simplicity” as one of his core Pillars of Genius™. The evidence is in the unrelenting high standard of Simplicity everywhere at Apple – from the simplicity of the logo, to the non-existent user manuals (you don’t need user manuals if your products are simple!), even the simple white box packaging design oozes simplicity.

There is no doubt that Steve Job’s Pillars of Genius™ – his obsession with simplicity – flowed into every nook and cranny of that organization.

So, when people ask me – how will my personal Pillars of Genius™ apply if my organization is not only me, what if I have a team? – I point them to Steve Jobs example and say…

“…If you are the creator of an organization – whether your “employee” is your spouse who helps with the books, or whether you have 100 full-time employees – your unique Pillars of Genius™ can and should create the clear and confident direction and uniqueness of your organization.”

Lisa Hatamoto, founder of InspiringStudentSuccess.com and graduate of our Pillars of Genius™ Bootcamp is an awesome example of a founder of a company who defined her unique Pillars of Genius™, then used them as the foundation of her company’s philosophy, corporate culture, and what sets her organization apart.

Inspiring Student Success is an organization that educates and supports parents in a new way of helping their children succeed in the Common Core Math method many schools are now teaching.lisahatomotopic

Let’s take a look at 3 lessons we can learn from her example.

Let’s start by getting oriented to Lisa Hatamoto’s personal unique Pillars of Genius™, they are:

#1 – Learning is not a Watertight Compartment

#2 – When it comes to Kids, Pressure Does not Create Diamonds

#3 – Follow Your Own Curiosity to Your Own Success

Now, here are the Lessons demonstrated by www.InspiringStudentSuccess.com

You can also click HERE to watch a short video walkthrough I did of the InspiringStudentSuccess.com website.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.40.31 AM

Lesson #1 – Use your Pillars of Genius™ to rally your team around a clear foundation of differentiators, values, and direction. Once Lisa identified her own Pillars of Genius™, how they set her teaching approach apart from others in the industry, and how her genius manifested as a benefit to her ideal clients, she brought her team in, and communicated why and how these Pillars of Genius™ set the direction for the organization.

Lesson #2 – Gather and use your Perfect Match Client™ Language, so your prospects and team know the exact profile of an ideal client. Notice on the www.inspiringstudentsuccess.com homepage, it reads “Do you ever fight, nag, or pressure your child over math and then feel guilty?” This statement being front and centre on the homepage allows Perfect Match Clients™ to self-select in, and non-ideal clients to keep walking – which is exactly what you want to happen.

Lesson #3 – Weave Pillars of Genius™ in to every nook and cranny of the business to confirm and strengthen your brand. This leaves no doubt how this company is unique and what they stand for, and what all clients will experience.

Lisa did a great job in weaving in her Pillars of Genius™, for example:

  • Home Page – in the lower-half of the Home page, the 3 Pillars of Genius™ are woven in to three separate paragraphs
  • About Page – each Pillar of Genius™ is stated clearly as a “We believe…” statement
  • Blog – each blog post directly or subtly touches on one or more Pillars of Genius™. For example one blog post connects the topic of world cup soccer to math! It’s a great example of weaving in Pillar of Genius™ #1 “Learning is not a watertight compartment” into a simple blog post.
  • Presentations – Lisa went the extra mile to weave her Pillars of Genius™ into her presentations she delivers to large audiences of parents and educators. We know that her message is surviving transmission, because Lisa just shared with me that the written feedback from her last presentation audience members were quoting her Pillars of Genius™ (without realizing it!)

Awesome job Lisa and everyone on the Inspiring Student Success team, and of course my amazing copywriter for taking it the distance and transforming Pillars of Genius™ into compelling copy.

So, my dear reader – what would happen if *you* uncovered your unique genius and used it to define your organization with total clarity? You would gain the confidence and clarity it takes to accelerate forward and provide your unique genius to your ideal clients!

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