3 Powerful Lessons for Demonstrating Your Unique Genius on your Website

I love sharing real-life examples of a clients who are knocking it out of the park with the Pillars of Genius™ methodology. Although I love to teach theory and step-by-step process as well, I think we all need to also see examples of theory in action.

That’s why I’m so pumped to share 3 powerful lessons of marketing your unique genius on your website, demonstrated by one of our Pillars of Genius™ Bootcamp graduates – Ann Squires Ferguson, an award-winning interior designer and founder of Studio: Squires Ferguson!

Ann joined the Pillars of Genius™ Bootcamp when she was ending a business partnership and needed to create her own unique branding. Through her work in the bootcamp, she identified 4 Pillars of Genius™. What she did with them on her new website was nothing short of perfection.

I also created a short video walk-through of these lessons, a screen-recording of Ann’s website with my voice walk-through of the lessons. 

Portrait of a beautiful business woman holding a magnifying glas3 Powerful Lessons for Demonstrating Your Unique Genius on your Website

#1. Name ‘em and Claim ‘em

When you are clear on your unique genius, you should shout it from the rooftops, or as I say: “Name ‘em and Claim ‘em”. Commit clearly to the message you are standing on top of, so that your Perfect Match Clients™ can find you.

Ann “Names ‘em and Claims ‘em” at least 2 ways on her website!! It is just so perfect.

#1 –  you’re greeted by the tagline “If you’re looking for a frou-frou interior designer, I’m Not It”. That sets her apart and stands right on top of the convergence of her Pillars of Genius™, right out of the gate.

#2 – She lists her Pillars of Genius™ right on her home page – front and centre. BOOM! There is no confusion about what she stands for, or how she’s unique. Perfect.

#2. Prove It.

Nothing drives me nuttier than unproven claims in marketing messages, like “we care about our clients” or “we listen”. Seriously? Prove it. Prove that it makes you unique, that it’s what you do better than anyone else, that you obsess, live, breathe, and sleep it.

You have to be able to stand up in court and defend your Pillars of Genius™ as who you are at your core. If we had to go to court and defend it as who you are at your core, we should have a file folder an inch thick filled with evidence – names, dates, events.

Ann has a great way of proving her Pillars of Genius™. She created webpages dedicated to each of her defined Pillar of Genius™, detailing how it is her genius, how it set her apart, and how it manifests as a benefit for her Perfect Match Client™. Then, she added a real client case study per Pillar of Genius™ to show a real-life example of how her Pillar of Genius™ powerfully benefits her ideal client. Case closed! Great job Ann. 

#3. Weave Them Into  Everywhere Possible

From navigation, to taglines, to pricing model, Ann has “woven” her Pillars of Genius™ into almost every possible area of her website so that they show up consistently throughout her business. This consistent clarity, is exactly how the Pillars of Genius™ work truly transforms into powerful positioning. 

Ann’s Pricing page has woven in her “Raw Truth is a Gift” Pillar of Genius™, just through the tone and information. Her About page clearly gives the impression of her “Encyclopedic Appetite” Pillar of Genius™. Even her body language in the photo on her home page seems to speak her “All in All the Time” Pillar of Genius™. See if you can find other areas where Ann weaves in her Pillars of Genius™. They are everywhere. Just an amazing job, Ann. Well done.

Watch the short video walk-through HERE.

Now, if you are thinking, Oh my gosh! I need a website exactly like Ann’s….hang on. Pause. Take a breath. The whole name of the game is being unique, which doesn’t come from directly copying someone else. 

There are an infinite number of ways to Name, Claim, Prove, and Weave in your Pillars of Genius™ into your website (once you define what they are). Stay tuned for the coming weeks, as I show you a TON more examples of how our clients are doing just that. 

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