About YOU

You *are* the product.  You are selling your advice, your knowledge, your “way of doing things”.  You are a financial adviser, a consultant, yoga studio owner, life coach, mortgage broker, entrepreneur, business owner, lead guru, brainiac.

People choose you because of who you are and what you offer.


…you know you’re good at what you do, but you can’t figure out how to articulate it in a unique way that feels *right*

you hate how you’re constantly fiddling with your answer to the question “what do you do?”

…you don’t like your bio.  It’s not you, and it doesn’t really say anything that powerful about why to choose you over your competitor.

…you know you’re good, but a little worried that nothing really, truly differentiates you from other peers who are also good.

…you’ve worked with other marketing consultants or coaches.  You still haven’t cracked the code to the issues listed above, so you guess that’s the best there is.

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