Cristi is known as as the expert in helping clients discover and market their unique competitive advantage. She is the creator of the Unleash Your Genius Formula, a 7-step system to get clarity on what you’re selling, so your ideal clients can find you and pay a premium to buy from you.


Prior to this, Cristi was head of market research for Telus Mobility – one of Canada’s largest wireless networks. She led the creation of strategic marketing plans for several wireless telcos in Brazil, culminating in the leadership and creation of Claro Brazil’s first national marketing strategy.


It’s no wonder that CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, and individual professionals alike, come to her for leadership on determining their personal unique competitive advantage.


Cristi is a dean’s list graduate from Queen’s School of Business. She is a sought after speaker who has spoken at Million Dollar Roundtable and e-Women Network and has shared the stage with business leaders across North America.


  • No matter how confused or unsure you are about your genius, it is there, it is clear. It just needs to be pulled out of you. That’s what I do.
  • There is GENIUS in EVERYONE. The eight year-old girl, the 60 year-old stockbroker, the life coach just starting out.
  • Most people have been trained to cover up their genius with corporate jargon
  • It takes only 2 hours to undo 40 years of corporate-jargon and lack of clarity on your differentiators (aka GENIUS)
  • If you’re not getting the answers, you’re not asking the right questions.
  • It is important not to edit your thoughts
  • The straightest path to business success is to follow your longing.
  • You will lose your attachment to corporate jargon when you have something better – truer – to replace it.
  • “I don’t know” is not an answer. You *do* know. You just have to give yourself permission to say it.
  • The quote that trumps all: “Your longing is the path.” – Rumi


Pillars of Genius are what make me unique, are who I am at my core and I really don’t know how to be any other way. They set me apart from the pack, and truly manifest as benefits for my Ideal Clients:


I’ve been like this my whole life. I’ve always been – and still am – the kid fascinated by hours of family stories at the kitchen table. My bookcases are stuffed with Biographies. My favourite game EVER is TableTopics (basically a deck of cards that asks engaging questions). No one is boring to me. Everyone is fascinating.


I love organizing, matching same with same. In university, Cost Accounting at was my highest mark at 94% (it’s all about patterns and organizing). When people tell me pieces of seemingly unrelated information, it takes me no time to drill down and find the overall pattern.


Well this can be annoying or genius (as many pillars of genius can be). I’m useless at poker or office politics because I have never learned how (nor do I care to) to bluff or hold my cards to my chest. I say what I think and dish it out straight. In reality, I’ve just never really figured out how to do it any other way.

Those are my pillars of genius. Do you want to know what yours are? Start Here.