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Thank you for helping me reach more people to Unleash their Unique Genius, define their ideal clients, and create marketing messages that – as I like to say – “nail ‘em right between the eyes”.


I feel really humbled and grateful that I am often asked by clients & colleagues – “How can I help spread the word about your training? Can you tell me when your next free training call/paid program comes up, because I want to tell others about it”.


There are two options, depending on your preference:


Option 1:  Friends

Super simple – copy is below on this webpage for emails, click-to-tweets, and facebook posts to use/edit/share as you like.


Option 2: Ambassadors/Affiliates

More formal partnership, where commissions are earned in exchange for sending scheduled promotional emails to your list, and scheduled social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In) posts.

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Online Genius Academy


Thank you for helping me spread the word about my amazing program that helps self-employed and professional advisors stop being everything to everyone, by showing them how to define and market their unique genius.


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EMAIL – Please copy and customize as much as you wish.


Suggested Subject Lines:

Want to stop being everything to everyone?

Thought you might be interested in this….

I know you’re trying to define your unique genius, maybe this will help?

Here’s a program I think you might like


Email Content (please customize as you wish)


Hi (NAME),


You came to mind, when I was thinking about a program that could help you with marketing yourself and your business.  My (***friend/colleague/marketing coach***), Cristi Cooke leads an amazing program called “Online Genius Academy” that I highly recommend for self-employed and professional advisors who are trying to figure out what makes them unique, and how to market that to their ideal clients.


The reason I like Cristi’s stuff is (*****fill in the blank*****).


I think you will love her too.


Just check in for yourself to see if this program could work for you….

  • you are great at what you do, but still struggling with how to articulate how you’re unique?
  • you’re struggling to get your tagline or elevator pitch *just right*?
  • you want to write, or re-write your website, but haven’t finished it yet, because you’re not sure what you’re trying to say
  • you feel like you could work with *everyone*, but at the same time, you know you need to truly identify your ideal client?

Click here to check it out:


I think Cristi is amazing at what she does, and I think you’ll love what she teaches.  I just wanted to share it with you, in case you think it will serve you.


Here’s the link again to check out the program, hope this serves you and your business:


All the best,


PS – let me know if you dive in!




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Great at what you do, but can’t articulate how you’re unique?  Check out @CristiCooke program for the solution.


Stop being “everything to everyone”. Define your and market your unique genius with @CristiCooke program www.OnlineGeniusAcademy


Want to get clear on your unique genius and ideal clients? Then you’ve gotta register for @CristiCooke program


Holding back on marketing, not clear on your ideal client profile? If that’s your problem, here’s the solution @CristiCooke program


I love @cristicooke and I think you will too.  Check out her program


FACEBOOK or LINKEDIN POSTS – Please copy and customize as you see fit


Do you know you’re amazing at what you do, but still struggle articulating how you’re unique, and who your *ideal* clients are? Get into this program led by @cristicooke to figure it out:


Want to stop being “everything to everyone” and get crystal clear on *your* unique genius & ideal clients? Register for my friend @cristicooke’s program


I love what @cristicooke teaches – and I think you will too. If you are holding back on “getting out there” because your message isn’t clear, and you’re not clear on who your ideal clients are, you should be in this program: