Your so-called flaws are Genius. Look closer.

I've noticed when clients are trying to find their marketable genius, they try to avoid their flaws and search instead for what they think is "marketable".  But still, almost every client brings up a 'fault' somehow in the session.  I'm too easy going, I'm too stubborn, I'm too perfectionist. This is when I get focused like a laser because I know we've likely just hit on a pillar of genius. … [Read more...]

“Our longing is the way…” – Rumi

  I’ve been talking to my clients about their true passions, their longings for how the world should be, their convictions and their beliefs.  Why? Because I know that your passions, beliefs and longings ultimately form the foundation of how you are different, and these differences manifest as benefits to your clients. … [Read more...]

Getting Past Generic

In today’s culture of advertising overload, how do you capture your ideal market’s attention and get past the same generic claims everyone else is using? … [Read more...]