3 Lessons From Our Client – Driving Corporate Clarity from the Founder’s Unique Genius

How do the geniuses of the world build leading companies with a solid foundation of branding and core values? They use their unique genius as the solid foundation for the company’s DNA. Take Steve Jobs for example. I didn’t have the opportunity to lead Steve Jobs through the Pillars of Genius™ method, but I am going to guess that if I had, we would have found one of his unique Pillars of … [Read more...]

3 Powerful Lessons for Demonstrating Your Unique Genius on your Website

I love sharing real-life examples of a clients who are knocking it out of the park with the Pillars of Genius™ methodology. Although I love to teach theory and step-by-step process as well, I think we all need to also see examples of theory in action. That’s why I’m so pumped to share 3 powerful lessons of marketing your unique genius on your website, demonstrated by one of our Pillars of Genius™ … [Read more...]

Do you highlight or hide your unique genius?

Did you know that your so-called flaws can be pointing to your unique marketable genius? Instead of hiding your quirks and so-called flaws, you should be looking at them as clues to your unique marketable genius.  Sometimes it's hard to see. That's why I'm constantly teaching (through the Pillars of Genius™ Method), and writing about it in articles like this and this. Here's another great … [Read more...]

Write Marketing Messages that Knock Your Ideal Client Right Between the Eyes

Do you know how to write marketing messages that knock your ideal client right between the eyes? It is an absolute necessity when writing marketing messages, to speak in our customer's language. Open up any Marketing 101 textbook, and you'll see this inside - you have to speak in your ideal client's language in order to capture their attention. And you do want to capture your idea client's … [Read more...]

But Why Would Anyone Pay Me for That?? 3 Ways Your Genius Doesn’t Look Marketable (but it is).

Ever had a great idea, or are naturally amazing at something, but stop yourself from marketing or selling it because you think…. "But why would anyone pay me for that??"? That is the wrong question, and worse, it's causing you to walk right past your marketable unique genius. There are three characteristics of unique genius that can trick you into asking that wrong question. You should … [Read more...]

Find Your Marketable Genius – 3 Surprising Places to Look for Your Unique Genius

Do you know how to identify, and where to look, for your unique marketable genius?  The truth is, most people are looking in the wrong places for their unique genius.  They are looking only at their work life - instead of their whole life - to find their genius.  That's why they can't seem to identify it.   There are many places to look for your unique … [Read more...]

Fear & Genius – How to overcome fear, so it doesn’t stop you from marketing your unique genius.

Do you know how to recognize and overcome fear so it doesn't hold you back from identifying and marketing your own unique genius?  The strategies are inside this article. Fear doesn’t reveal itself as fear.  It will convince you that you won’t find your genius, don't have it, that it's not marketable, or that everyone else has the same genius, so therefore it's not unique.  It won’t sound like … [Read more...]

Differentiation Promises – Why Most of them Sound Generic, and What To Do About It.

Do you know how to create unique taglines and elevator pitches - brief statements that *truly* differentiate you - versus ones that sound like everyone else?   If you don't know, don't worry. Big ad agencies that I'm sure are getting paid a lot more than you and I often don't seem to know how either. I am going to explain why most "differentiators" out there don't help differentiate – I … [Read more...]

Powerful Decision Making: How to Use your Gut Instinct to Make Smart and Powerful Decisions

Do you know how to use your gut instinct in tandem with your analytical mind for powerful and efficient decision-making? I learned a simple and effective technique a few years ago after I nearly drove myself nuts trying to make a tough decision using only my brain. If you've ever found yourself spinning in circles trying to come to a decision via statistics, lists and spreadsheets, you may have … [Read more...]

Ideal Client – The true definition of the term Ideal Client.

Can you answer the question “Who is your Ideal Client”? You’ll feel a lot of grief as a self-employed professional if you can’t define your ideal client.   The lack of clarity leads to an unclear message, which leads to attracting non-ideal clients, which costs you time and money, and drains your energy. So you want a clear message to attract only your ideal clients - right? The main reason … [Read more...]