Pillars of Genius™ Client Profile – An Interview with Marieke Bosch Larose

    An Interview with Marieke Bosch Larose, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and Founder of Your Novel Life. What are your Pillars of Genius™? My Pillars of Genius™ are: P1. Life is learning, growing and evolving P2. Let's just see what happens! P3. Knowing how you function matters. P4. Slow down and dig in. That's where the magic happens.   To keep my … [Read more...]

How to Write an “About” page – Client Example

  Have you been struggling to write your "About" page, Bio, LinkedIn or other written profile?   If so, you're going to love this short video walk-through.   In this client example video, I review Pillars of Genius™ client Marieke Bosch Larose's "About" page, and introduce the simple 3-part structure we teach our clients for how to create a powerful About page, Bio, or other … [Read more...]

Are You Struggling to Write Your About Page?

    Have you been struggling to write your About page, LinkedIn profile, Bio, or other profile?   You want to express what makes you unique, while being concise.   You want to share your value without sounding salesy or inauthentic, or writing a long story.   But you're writing yourself in circles, or perhaps not even starting, because you're … [Read more...]

Do you highlight or hide your unique genius?

Did you know that your so-called flaws can be pointing to your unique marketable genius? Instead of hiding your quirks and so-called flaws, you should be looking at them as clues to your unique marketable genius.  Sometimes it's hard to see. That's why I'm constantly teaching (through the Pillars of Genius™ Method), and writing about it in articles like this and this. Here's another great … [Read more...]

You Don’t Decide On Your Genius. It Decides On You.

Did you know that tennis is *not* Andre Agassi's true genius? How do I know? Page 1 of his autobiography reads: "I play tennis for a living, even though I hate tennis, hate it with a dark and secret passion, and always have." Turns out, Agassi was in one of those scenarios where his dad forced tennis on him - one of those "living your dreams through your child's accomplishments" kind of things. … [Read more...]

How Do You Learn From Mistakes?

I can't believe how long I have been reading quotes and hearing mentors say how "mistakes are so great because the more mistakes you make the more successful you'll be" - but I couldn't figure out how mistakes make you successful? Total question mark on that one. Then finally somehow I figured out - it's not about the mistake - it's about carefully debriefing the mistake. Duh! - it seems so … [Read more...]

I hope all your tireds are “good tireds”.

Years ago, my friend Lew made some mixed tapes for me (yes, it was that long ago), and it was my introduction to Harry Chapin. There was one "song" that wasn't a song - it was just Harry, telling a story.  I played it over and over and over.  I didn't know why I liked it so much - I just did. … [Read more...]

How to Write Testimonials that Attract Ideal Clients

Your unique genius should flow through ALL of your marketing - including testimonials. Why? Because people read testimonials to determine whether they'll work with you or not. So - your testimonials need to reflect: 1) Your genius 2) The problem your Ideal Clients have, that you solve 3) The results you Ideal Clients want Note the use of Ideal Client.  Not target market.  Not non-ideal … [Read more...]

Your so-called flaws are Genius. Look closer.

I've noticed when clients are trying to find their marketable genius, they try to avoid their flaws and search instead for what they think is "marketable".  But still, almost every client brings up a 'fault' somehow in the session.  I'm too easy going, I'm too stubborn, I'm too perfectionist. This is when I get focused like a laser because I know we've likely just hit on a pillar of genius. … [Read more...]

“Our longing is the way…” – Rumi

  I’ve been talking to my clients about their true passions, their longings for how the world should be, their convictions and their beliefs.  Why? Because I know that your passions, beliefs and longings ultimately form the foundation of how you are different, and these differences manifest as benefits to your clients. … [Read more...]