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Pillars of Genius™ Bootcamp Client


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Ann Squires Ferguson, Interior Designer



Ann Squires-Ferguson’s Pillars of Genius™


Pillar of Genius™ #1: All in All The Time
Pillar of Genius™ #2: Raw Truth is a Gift
Pillar of Genius™ #3: Exhilarated by 90-degree turns
Pillar of Genius™ #4: Encyclopedic Appetite








“As a service professional, I know it makes sense to hire a professional to help you get what you need and where you need to go. After hearing Cristi speak, it made sense right away – it’s about who I am at my core, not just about who I am as a professional. Could I have done this on my own? No. I could never have figured out the wording that describes me. You really need someone to continue to push you and force you to delve deeper. Cristi was able to help me do that. The new site is ‘precisely’ me and I no longer get the calls and leads that I don’t want and don’t fit me and the services I provide.”
Working with Cristi has allowed me to create an army of evangelists who now really understand what I do. When they introduce me to potential clients they can accurately describe who I am and what I do.
Ann Squires Ferguson / Award Winning Interior Designer


Lessons from Ann’s Website


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  1. Name ‘em and Claim ‘em – Ann puts her Pillars of Genius™ front and center right on her home page. She *owns* them, and there is no doubt how Ann is unique as an interior designer
  2. Prove It – Ann created separate pages for each Pillar of Genius™, detailing what it is, how it sets her apart. She added a client case study per Pillar of Genius™ to show a real-life story of how her Pillar of Genius powerfully manifested as a benefit for a client.
  3. Weave your Pillars of Genius™ in – from navigation links to taglines, to pricing model, Ann has allowed her Pillars of Genius™ to “show up” consistently throughout her business. That consistent clarity is where the Pillars of Genius™ work truly transforms into powerful positioning.


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