Congratulations!  You have booked your D4D (Digging for Differentiators™) session.  In order get the most out of your session, there is some preparation you need to do in advance.

Step 1:

Simply email the following information to at least 3 business days before your call:

1 – Show me how you market yourself – send me a link to your website, or a pdf of your brochure, etc. If you don’t “market yourself” (ie: you’re an employee) this would be your resume, your Linkedin profile, your bio on the company website, etc.  If you don’t have anything yet, just tell me that.

2 – Show me your client experience – if you have a three-step process you take all clients through, or if you have a questionnaire that all new clients fill out, etc, or some report that all clients receive as your service, etc, this is what I’m referring to here.  If you don’t have anything yet, just tell me that, but do fill me in on ‘what you do’ for your clients.

3 – Tell me your plan – if you happen to have a business plan or some kind of plan document, that’s great – but many people don’t. Just give me an idea of where you’re trying to head with your business in a couple bullet points or however you’d like to tell me.

If you don’t have everything on the list, don’t worry!! It’s a very comprehensive list, to cover all the bases. You can send these things separately or all in one email, just make sure that I have them 3 business days before our call.

Step 2:

Download: DEEP Questions

Instructions:  At least 3 business days before you call, take a look at the questions, think a little about them (actually, don’t “think” too much think more with your gut and heart than your head) and send your answers by email to  Remember you must send them at least 3 business days before your call.

Take your time, but don’t make this into a big project (unless you want to). Whether you answer in a lengthy ‘stream of consciousness’ way, or in a couple quick bullet points – it all works. There’s no “right” way, just “your” way.

Step 3:

Download and print these worksheets for our call.  I will walk you through completing these worksheets during our call.

Next Priorities Worksheet
Pillars Worksheet
Ideal Client Worksheet

Once you have completed the steps above, you are ready to have a successful session! I’m looking forward to our call.