Fear & Genius – How to overcome fear, so it doesn’t stop you from marketing your unique genius.

FearfulDo you know how to recognize and overcome fear so it doesn’t hold you back from identifying and marketing your own unique genius?  The strategies are inside this article.

Fear doesn’t reveal itself as fear.  It will convince you that you won’t find your genius, don’t have it, that it’s not marketable, or that everyone else has the same genius, so therefore it’s not unique.  It won’t sound like fear.  It will sound like some sort of “logic”.

“Fear can blind you to your own unique genius.”

For your ideal clients to value and pay for your unique genius, you’re going to have to recognize and reduce some fears along the way.

And you do want your ideal clients to value and pay for your unique genius, right?

It took me a while to realize that fear was holding some of my clients back.

Initially, when students in my program were struggling with some of the exercises to uncover their unique marketable genius, I thought it was an instructional design issue, so I analyzed the exercises to see where I could clarify the methodology, but I noticed things still didn’t go smooth as butter.

Then, I started pairing students up to help each other during the program. And wow what an eye-opener that was. They had no problem following the exercises step by step and identifying the unique genius of their fellow students in my programs, but they just couldn’t see it in themselves. They could uncover everyone else’s unique marketable genius, but not their own. Then I started to ask: Why?

It took me a few long and detailed conversations with other expert trainers, reflection, and of course interviewing my own students, until I realized – good lord, it was fear.

That damn fear that causes so many problems in our lives, is now messing up my students in my course. Time to put on my battle gear, because “nobody’s gonna mess with my students!! even you Mr. Fear!!”.

I’m still working on more and more tools to help my students, but here’s what I’ve noticed, and started working with.

#1. First, Recognize How Fear Presents Itself

Here’s how fear shows up: it shows up like a “logical” business question. It causes you second-guess the value of your unique offer and the conviction that there will indeed be enough ideal clients on the ENTIRE PLANET for you.

The “business question” will probably sound something like this:

“What if I niche and the market is too small to make a living?”

“What if I find my unique genius and it’s not that interesting?”

“What if I find my genius and market it, and it doesn’t work?”

“What if I truly sell my genius – what would happen to my (fill in the blank…marriage, business, partnership)?”

“What if my genius forces me to niche and I can’t serve *all* the people I want to reach?”

“What if I find my genius but someone else (fill in the blank: richer, cooler, more successful) than me has the same genius and I can’t compete with them?”

All of my clients – whether participants in group programs or private clients – have one or more of these thoughts at the beginning of working with me, but they soon fade away as they start working through the exercises. In other words, none of these fears actually become reality.

#2. Give in to the Fact that You Don’t Choose Your Genius. It Chooses You.

Fear and doubt rears up when people think they are somehow responsible for creating their own unique genius. They believe that if they don’t do a “good enough job” finding it and marketing it, they will have failed.

The reality is, your genius is already there. You can pretend it’s not there, devalue it, and worry about whether it’s “good enough” all day, but the genius will keep showing up, over and over again, until you name it, claim it, and market it.

So, you don’t choose your own genius, it chooses you and it doesn’t let go.

Here’s an expanded article I wrote on this topic.

#3. Get Fascinated with Yourself.

When I’m teaching a course I like putting the students into pairs. I instruct the pairs to ask each other a series questions I’ve specifically designed that start cracking out unique genius.

When they come back and share their experience, I usually hear something like, “I loved getting to know my partner – she was fascinating! I wanted to dig deeper and learn more.”

Be prepared to become fascinated with yourself. Who are YOU? What is fascinating about YOU? Let yourself dig a little deeper into your own patterns and habits. Because that’s where your genius is hiding.

Click here for an article I wrote on this topic “Your so-called flaws are genius. Look Closer.”

#4. Shift From Fear To Love.

Every emotion is a result of either Fear or Love. Jealousy, anger, and frustration are a result of fear. Satisfaction, joy, and gratitude come from love.

When any of the fearful thoughts arise, get present and ask yourself: “Am I walking toward fear, or am I walking toward love?”

Decide to walk toward love.

“What would change in your business if you shifted from fear to love?”

So what would happen if you uncovered and overcame your fear of defining and marketing your unique genius? Simple – you’d get out there and provide your unique genius to your ideal clients!

Brought to you by Cristi Cooke, creator of the Pillars of Genius™ Method.

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