Are You Struggling to Write Your About Page?



Have you been struggling to write your About page, LinkedIn profile, Bio, or other profile?


You want to express what makes you unique, while being concise.


You want to share your value without sounding salesy or inauthentic, or writing a long story.


But you’re writing yourself in circles, or perhaps not even starting, because you’re not sure what to write or how to write it.  


In this short article, we’ll cover the key mistakes most people make that keep them stuck when trying to write their own profile, and what to do instead.  


5 Mistakes People Make
While Trying to Write their Profile
(About page, Bio, LinkedIn, etc)
And What to Do Instead


Mistake #1:  Starting with a blank page

Sitting down in front of a blank document, hoping something amazing will naturally fall out of fingers as you type, is the best way to end up banging your head against the wall wondering why you can’t write about the one subject you should be an expert on – YOU!


Mistake #2: Trying to impress

Keeping a filter on, and setting a goal of sounding “impressive” will, ironically, keep you from sounding it.  It stresses you into sounding inauthentic at best, salesy at worst.


Mistake #3: Asking others what to write

Asking friends, family, or colleagues what to write about yourself will get you a taste of inspiration, but then you sit down to write, and well….you still can’t express it in words, and then you’re stuck again, not knowing what to say or how to say it. 


Mistake #4: Leaning only on credentials

It’s not your degree, your years in the industry, or the number of clients you’ve served that sets you apart.  Many can be replicated by others in your industry.  And although credentials play a key role in your profile, they aren’t the only thing that sets you apart.


Mistake #5: Personal Trivia

The majority of bios include the obligatory “personal trivia” at the end, like “I live in LA, happily married with 2 kids and a poodle, and I love to sail”.  It’s trivial, but does not powerfully position your uniqueness or help the reader powerfully connect with who you are.


Here’s What to Do Instead.


#1: Lower the filter.


Most people think they need to filter who they are at their core and show only one side of themselves to their work/public, and “be” the other sides only with friends and family.  The truth is, bringing all of who you are into your profile is your access to setting yourself apart and sharing your unique genius. 


So, lower your filter that says you have to sound “impressive” and filtered, and bring all of who you are into your profile so your unique genius can be recognized.


Which leads us to point #2…..


#2: Before writing, identify and name your unique genius.


An impactful and meaningful About page, LinkedIn, Bio, or other profile will not be a long winding story about all the details of your life.  It will concisely present your unique genius and defend it as who you are at your core.


After leading hundreds of people through the Pillars of Genius™ method, what I know for sure is that EVERYONE has 3-5 core areas of genius.


Look in your own life.  What are your 3-5 areas of unique genius?  They are who you are at your core.  They might sound like manifestos, super skills, or characteristics of who you are that will just never change. 


Instead of sitting down to a blank piece of paper and trying to figure out “what to say” in your profile, first get clear on 3-5 key areas of your unique genius that set you apart from the pack, and benefit your ideal audience.


Once you have identified your unique genius, the next step is….


#2: PROVE your unique genius with 2-3 anecdotes of evidence.


You’ll know you’re clear on your unique genius, when you can stand up in court and defend it as who you are at your core, because you have evidence throughout your whole life that proves it.


For example, you might say one area of your unique genius is a “strong attention to detail”.


Can you prove it, or only claim it?


A Claim is without evidence, and would something like…..

“I am very detail oriented.  I pride myself on being very attentive to every detail, and I promise to deliver that to my clients.”


A Claim does not provide evidence.  Proof provides evidence.


Proof has evidence –  events, examples, anecdotes – that actually *happened*, and would sound something like….


“I am extremely detail oriented.  I’ve always been this way. When I was 7 years old, my dad had me review the family budget for math mistakes. In high school, they asked me to proof-read the yearbook before it went to print, because they knew I would catch every detail.  I graduated top of my class in law school because I never missed a single detail.”


In your profile, create a short paragraph for each area of your unique genius.  In each short paragraph, name the unique genius, then back up it up with 1-3 anecdotes of evidence, so that your reader has no doubt that this is who you are at your core.


#3: Include 3 important sections in your profile 

1 – Your Role – your title, role, and responsibilities

2 – Your Genius – as outlined above

3 – Your Credentials – degrees, certificates, years in the industry


With these 3 core elements, your unique genius is highlighted, you have painted a concise picture of the value you bring, and what sets you apart.  You have brought *all* of who you are into your profile, and, you have backed it up so that the reader has no doubt that this is who you are.


For Example….


Take a look at my About page as an example:


Notice in my About page, the first section is about my role, the second section is my unique genius with proof, and the third section is my credentials.


I also added a fun piece about what I believe in.


Your Homework


Notice if you are making any of the mistakes listed in this article, that are keeping you writing in circles, and not getting your profile finished.


Consider following “What to Do Instead”, and bring all of your unique genius to your profile.


Dedicated (ok, maybe even a little obsessed) with helping you define and share your unique genius with the world,


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