I hope all your tireds are “good tireds”.

Years ago, my friend Lew made some mixed tapes for me (yes, it was that long ago), and it was my introduction to Harry Chapin.

There was one “song” that wasn’t a song – it was just Harry, telling a story.  I played it over and over and over.  I didn’t know why I liked it so much – I just did.

Now, I think I know why.  Do you ever look back in life, and see that things make more sense?  In this less-than-2-minute audio, Chapin is telling us to follow our soul.  Live our genius.  I just wanted you to hear it for yourself, it is so magical.

With love,and hoping all your tireds are “good tireds”,

“My grandfather was a painter. He died at age 88. He illustrated Robert Frost’s first two books of poetry. And he was looking at me and he said: Harry, there’s two kinds of tired.
There’s good tired and there’s bad tired.

He said, Ironically enough, bad tired can be a day that you won.  But you won other people’s battles, you lived other people’s days, other people’s agendas, other people’s dreams, and when it was all over, there was very little you in there. And when you hit the hay at night, somehow you toss and turn. You don’t settle easy.

He said, Good tired, ironically enough, can be a day that you lost. But you don’t even have to   tell yourself, because you knew you fought your battles. You chased your dreams. You lived your days.  And when you hit the hay at night, you settle easy. You sleep the sleep of the just and you can say take me away.

He said, Harry, all my life I wanted to be a painter and I painted. God, I would’ve loved to have been more successful but I painted and I painted and I am good tired and they can take me away.

Now, if there is a process in your and my lives, in the insecurity that we have about a prior life or an afterlife, god I hope there’s a god. If he does exist, he has a rather weird sense of humor… however…but if there’s a process that will allow us to live our days, that will allow us that degree of equanimity towards the end looking at that black, implacable wall of death, to allow us that  degree of peace, that degree of non-fear…

I want in.”

– Harry Chapin

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