Ideal Client – The true definition of the term Ideal Client.

Can you answer the question “Who is your Ideal Client”?

You’ll feel a lot of grief as a self-employed professional if you can’t define your ideal client.   The lack of clarity leads to an unclear message, which leads to attracting non-ideal clients, which costs you time and money, and drains your energy.

So you want a clear message to attract only your ideal clients – right?

The main reason people come to me with a lack of clarity about their Ideal Client, is because they have misunderstood the definition of “Ideal Client”.

For example, when I ask:  Do you know who your ideal client is?, they say:

“Yes, I think so. My ideal client likes and trusts me. They pay their bills on time. My ideal client listens to me, takes my advice, and implements my recommendations.”

But that is not a description of an ideal client.  That is the basic criteria of a professional business transaction – that your buyer trusts you, pays their bills and uses your recommendations.

Don’t confuse the basic criteria of a professional business transaction with the definition of your Ideal Client profile.

Your ideal client profile is unique to you. It is the profile of people you believe you can serve better than your competitors.

An Ideal Client profile is a based on the exact problem that you uniquely solve.

EXAMPLE: My ideal clients are professionals who are marketing themselves, their methodology, their own approach. They are in a highly competitive environment where it feels challenging to differentiate themselves (eg: financial advisors, realtors, life coaches) and although they are *amazing* at what they do, they still struggle with answering the question “what do you do?” without sounding like everyone else. They want to stop being everything to everyone, by defining and marketing their *unique genius*. (…and yes of course – they like me, trust me, and pay their bills….but that’s an assumed baseline characteristic of all professional relationships).

Make sure your Ideal Client definition is a reflection of 1) the exact problem that you uniquely solve, and 2) who you solve it for.

#1 – What is the *exact* problem you love to solve?

I want you to get SELFISH with it.  Think only of *yourself*.  Don’t think of all the problems you *could* solve, or *they* want you to solve.  Think only of the problems that make YOU drool with anticipation – ones that make you think ohhhhh I would *love* to get my hands on that problem, so I can solve it!

#2 – Who do you want to solve it for?

Listen, I know there are so many people you could serve.  There are so many people you *should* serve with your talents & skills.  But, who do you really want to serve?  Considering the exercise above – defining the exact problem you love to solve, then consider, and exactly *who* do I want to solve it for?

Now you’re getting closer to your Ideal Client profile. Good job!

Brought to you by Cristi Cooke, creator of the Pillars of Genius™ Method.


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