It’s hard work for Realtors to Differentiate

So I was blown away when #D4DAlumni – Seth Baker, Realtor – just nailed it. I asked Seth if I could use his website as a teaching point, so we could all learn. (Seth are ya blushing?)

A bit of context: Before his D4D Session, Seth had an inkling of his genius but was struggling to articulate how it truly benefited ideal clients – and who exactly those ideal clients were. We dug into his true passions, true beliefs, and true strengths (ie: what fuels him). We clarified his pillars of genius and how they manifest as benefits for his ideal clients. Then we discussed the concept of forming the client experience around his core pillars of genius. One of his pillars of genius is: your house is so much more than a transaction – it is an in depth match-making process…. just like E-Harmony……hence his tagline: “the ‘eHarmony’ of Vancouver Real Estate”.

But what blew me away wasn’t the clarity of genius during the call – It’s what Seth DID with this clarity after the D4D Session. Check this out:

#1. He didn’t rest on his tagline to differentiate. Too many professionals are so consumed with coming up with the “perfect” tagline, because they think *that* is their branding. Your tagline doesn’t carry you. Branding is the entire client experience. Which leads me to Seth’s next smart move…..

#2. He designed a unique client process & experience completely based on his unique pillars of genius. Since one pillar is “matching” his buyers to homes and his sellers to buyers, he came up with…..wait for it….The 12 Dimensions of Compatibility. Seth’s clients experience more than the “what are you looking for in a home?” question. He takes them through 12 Dimensions of Compatibility including: 1) Emotional Energy 2) Physical Lifestyle and 6) Image (when’s the last time a realtor asked “What do you want your new home to say about you?”). The client experience is Unique. Genius.

#3. Seth then crafted blog posts based on his unique pillar of genius. It’s too easy (and too many people do this) to re-use generic blog posts from “corporate” or generic industry reports, but they do nothing to differentiate you or reinforce your genius. Other direct competitors are using the EXACT same articles. Like Seth, you have to write/record video blog posts that demonstrate your core pillars of genius and add value.

Seth’s articles reinforce his unique genius of finding a deep compatibility between you and your home, neighbours, and community. Topics like: How to Meet Your Neighbours ; and this single girl’s personal favourite: Where Are All the Good Men which is a statscan map showing concentrations of single guys (another post has single women mapped). He balances these with regular industry Market Stat reports etc, so his pillars of genius are prominent, but not at the expense of other needed resources. Know what I mean? Seth is highlighting his unique genius, but not at the expense of basic information the market needs.

OK! Now You:

How are you using your unique pillars of genius to design your client experience & methodology, blog posts, and other resources? Please share with me in the comments section of this post.

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(Fine print: This is not a promo. Seth is not compensating me at ALL for this profile – not even a coffee. He doesn’t even know I’m writing it now. But I will ask him to read it & give his approval before I post it 🙂

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