Learn How to Truly Differentiate Yourself in a Competitive Market

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Learn How to Truly Differentiate and
Market to Your Ideal Clients

10am-12pm, May 24th, 2012
Waves Boardroom – 900 Howe St., Vancouver, BC

Eventbrite - Learn How to Truly Differentiate Yourself

Cristi is the Killer-App for any business. The BEST investment I made for my new business in 2011. Cristi truly exceeded my expectations and delivered such strong, tangible take-aways. I tell people to Sign Up Now, thank me later! – David Savage, www.essentialhospitalitysystems.com

Are you…

  • in a competitive industry, and having a tough time figuring out how you’re “different”?
  • amazing at what you do, but still struggling with how to articulate it?
  • writing, or re-writing your website, and wish you could figure out what you want to say on it?
  • trying to figure out who your Ideal Clients truly are?

Join me 10am-12pm, May 24th and learn a new approach for
How to Truly Differentiate.

You will learn a process that is unlike other traditional marketing approaches, in uncovering how to integrate your personal passions – who you truly are – into unique differentiators that benefit your ideal clients.  We will use a combination of case studies and audience participation, to learn how to practically apply this process to your business.

Eventbrite - Learn How to Truly Differentiate Yourself


What you will gain from attending:

  • Spend less time thinking about how to differentiate, and more time executing it
  • Know how to answer the question “What do you do?”, without sounding like everyone else in your industry
  • Learn how to translate the essence of “who you are” into unique and specific benefits for your ideal clients
  • Learn how to create laser-targeted marketing messages that nail your ideal clients right between the eyes

“I have never had such overwhelmingly positive feedback about a speaker. Cristi captivated the audience from the moment she began, and through the course of an hour had led them through a profound shift in thinking, which is amazing!” Christine Nielsen, Vancouver MomCafe



Cristi has an incredible capacity and ability to identity strengths and patterns and to articulate pillars of my business and ideal clients. I give a resounding endorsement.” – Martha Sales | Executive Coach www.achieveyourmark.ca



 “Cristi is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Using clarity, humour, and clear real life examples, she make it easy for audience members to find a new and inspiring way of thinking about their strengths, and how they can truly stand apart from the crowd. – Michelle Pockey, Partner, Fasken Martineau & Founder and National Chair, Professional Women’s Network


I was working for a while trying to identify how my ideal clients think and how I can use it in my marketing but couldn’t get into the core of it. Now I see it clear. It is so energizing. Cristi, our session was super elevating for me. I deeply appreciate your help! Ekaterina Ramirez Energy Match Transformation Inc. www.EnergyMatch.ca

Cristi Cooke is a PHENOMENAL speaker so do everything you can to go see her. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. Jaeny Baik, On-Camera Coach, Award-winning CBC TV host www.jaenybaik.com

Eventbrite - Learn How to Truly Differentiate Yourself