Pillars of Genius™ Client Profile – An Interview with Marieke Bosch Larose



An Interview with Marieke Bosch Larose, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and Founder of Your Novel Life.

What are your Pillars of Genius™?

My Pillars of Genius™ are:

P1. Life is learning, growing and evolving

P2. Let’s just see what happens!

P3. Knowing how you function matters.

P4. Slow down and dig in. That’s where the magic happens.


To keep my pillars top of mind, I have them right in front of my face while I work! 😊  I love the reminder to ground everything I do in them! Xo

What caused you to invest in the Pillars of Genius™ program?


I *knew* that I was great at what I do, and have something important to offer – but I was feeling unclear as to EXACTLY what makes me “special”, so I remained hidden in fear and insecurity.  I was seeking clarity and confidence in knowing what I am here to do, and who I am meant to help.


Why did you choose the Pillars of Genius™ program over other options (like other coaches, books, or programs)?


I chose to invest in the Pillars program this year because in spite of my previous work with other coaches, I was still feeling stuck in pinpointing my unique genius.

And I had a strong intuitive sense that figuring that out was the next step in my learning and getting the answers I needed to continue in my business from the deeply authentic place I was craving.

I loved the structure, time frame and level of commitment of the Pillars. It was very well organized, simple to understand yet deep and powerful, and very comprehensive. The small group learning component, coaching and having Cristi’s expert input throughout the program was exactly what I was looking for.


What RESULTS did you get from the Pillars of Genius™ program


I got so much clarity about what makes me unique and “special”, which in turn gives me more confidence to speak about what I have to offer.

I have so much content now that is focused on clear messages, whereas before I felt like my message was vague and generic.

My message now is MINE and that feels amazing!


What were you able to create, after defining your Pillars of Genius™?


My entire coaching practice is now built on using my Pillars of Genius™ as guiding principles to how I work.

  • I have blog posts that have been influenced by my Pillars of Genius™.
  • I offer a free guidebook on my website that is based 100% on my Pillars of Genius™.
  • I’ve updated my About page and woven in my Pillars of Genius™
  • I am in the final stages of creating a new coaching program that is entirely influenced by my pillars.
  • I identified my ideal clients, and will be marketing my new program to those exact people, because I have such clarity on who they are.

And, finally, I am so much more aware of my own behavior as I see my pillars in action as I live my day to day to life. They really are ME.














What would you tell others who want to get clear on their unique genius, but are hesitating on what action to take?


DO THIS PROGRAM! You will not regret it because you will definitely get the clarity about your uniqueness! THAT is priceless.

Don’t wait another day, month or year because the “not knowing” is keeping you hidden from the people who need what you have to offer.

I am forever grateful to Cristi Cooke for creating this program and for her persistent and consistent dedication to her mission and to mine. THANK YOU! xo

How can people find out more about you and your unique genius?


My website is: YourNovelLife.com

My Facebook page is: Facebook.com/YourNovelLife

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