Because I’m a *bit* of a control freak, I’ve really struggled through finding people I feel can *truly* deliver exactly what I know YOU need. So far, this is the growing list of people I trust to take care of you.

Shine Online:  Now that you’ve completed your Digging for Differentiators session, *YOU* are ready to communicate your differentiators on VIDEO on your website!  An award-winning former tv show host, Jaeny Baik is amazing, supportive, and a brilliant online video coach.  She coached me, and the results were awesome (check out the video in the right column of my website, that’s the one Jaeny coached me on).  Check her out at

Get Organized:  for those of you who need to implement systems & processes into your business and get organized – once and for all – Krista’s the best there is.

Transcribe Your Audio:  you are going to say a ton of brilliant things on our call, have big epiphanies, and then realize you can’t remember *exactly* what you said, and may not have the time or attention span to listen to your entire call to find those few phrases (and you’ll need those exact words for your marketing).  That’s when you’ll want to get your call audio transcribed.  Email my man Edward Isaac your mp3, and he’ll have it done in a day or two for the best price I’ve found so far (love this guy!). *(thanks Colleen Francis for the referral to Edward 4 years ago!)

 *FYI – I am a raving fan and loyal client of Inteleants Transcription.  Because I’m a client, they credit my account a small amount for referrals – I refer them because they are awesome, not because I’m going to get rich from referral fees.  But hey, every dollar counts, so if you mention I referred you, thank you!