Are you ready to identify what truly differentiates you?

 Are you ready to lead from a place of knowing your unique genius, how that impacts your leadership style and pushes you forward to reaching goals?

Are you ready to stop being “everything to everyone” and get *crystal clear* on what sets you apart from the pack?

Get ready to define and share your unique genius.




The Program


Are you ready to define and live your unique genius? If you love the idea of combining the BEST of an online program with accountability and personal attention, this program is for you. You will follow a proven process, coupled with connection with others going through the program and personal attention and support from
powerful coaching.



Private Clients

If you are ready to invest at a higher level to work with Cristi privately to define your Pillars of Genius™, Perfect Match Clients™, Marketing Messages, Service Design, the Private Client Service may be for you. Clients accepted by application only. Apply here to have a phone call with Cristi to discuss your fit.



Pillars of Genius™ Corporate/Team Training

Knowing your and your team members’ unique genius allows each person in an organization to excel, be in the right position, impact the organization with their unique genius, and contribute to a strong and defining corporate culture. As a result, everyone in the organization can design their own role and contribution to projects in a way that creates outstanding results.

This workshop is designed for TEAMS, and will teach each student the Pillars of Genius Method, how to identify genius, and how to apply learned genius to better contribute to the trainee’s role at a company. Trainees will learn how to focus on the genius in others and better lead their subordinates, as well, ensures that each team member learns and experiences how to identify unique genius.

The Pillars of Genius Leadership Training program results in powerful leaders and efficient work environments.



“Before I worked with Cristi, I didn’t place enough value on my own service, because I didn’t have clarity on what my unique value was, or who I was meant to work with. I had worked with other marketing coaches before – heck, I’m from marketing…but when I heard Cristi speak, I knew she was different – her approach sounded like a foreign language to me, but I knew I had to do it. Working with Cristi was fascinating and hit on things that I didn’t have a clue were my actual genius – those quirks and differentiators we usually try to hide. I can’t say enough about the clarity I gained and what it has done for my business – but here’s a start: Within DAYS of getting out my clear message of my unique genius, I attracted my highest paying client ever. And regarding leads – I used to attract about one unqualified lead a month. Last week, I attracted three ideal client leads. This process has given me more clarity than I can even express. It’s been an amazing confidence builder.”
Terri O'Donnell
“There are not enough words to even be able to articulate my gratitude for what you have given me. Your work is nothing short of the word you use – GENIUS and lays the foundation for people to have a QUANTUM LEAP in the way they perceive and communicate their unique gifts/genius. I know this structure – the pillars for me and my messages to stand on —- have given me even more confidence and will ensure that I can massively monetize my gifts and talents and capitalize on the fact that I really am all that, and serve a lot more fabulous people – the ones I really love and want to work with.”
Deborah Torres Patel