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Stephan Wiedner

Entrepreneurship Coach, Business Coach

Crazy Accountability. Forge Your Path, For Sure.

Stephan Wiedner is a great client, and a super person. He is the founder of – “The web’s largest directory of life coaches and business coaches.” and is also a coach. I was lucky enough to work with him, and help him hone in on his unique message.

When Stephan came to me, he was meandering around (his words) on who his ideal coaching client was, and how he really served them uniquely. We worked together to uncover his Pillars of GeniusTM, Ideal Client, and Marketing Messages that would nail the Ideal Client right between the eyes. Whammo!

The results, in Stephan’s words: “now I am able to stand in a place of confidence and really ‘own it’. I know exactly what I want and what I’m looking for. I know what I’m really good at and how I can serve my clients.”

Stephan created awesome new copy for his Webpage on, and was gracious enough to share the Before/After versions.

There are some powerful teaching points in Stephan’s Before/After comparisons, take special note of three things:

  1. Before/After Tagline: Notice Stephan’s “Before” tagline – it’s ok, it defines the general client he wants but, many other coaches could be going after this same “profile”, therefore we need to be more specific. Now look at his “After” tagline. Wow. Right down the center. If you are his Ideal client, you will know it and go straight for him. If not, you will keep walking. And that’s exactly what we want to happen.
  2. Tone/Style: Notice in Stephan’s “Before” About page, his tone is quite formal. In his “After” About page, he is writing as if he is speaking directly to his Ideal Client, in his words that authentically connect with his Ideal Client
  3. The Bullet Points in his “After” About page. Since Stephan knows his unique genius, he knows who he is, what he offers, and that makes it very different from his “Before” About page. Nice transformation!

Great job, Stephan! So inspiring to see you take this work and IMPLEMENT! I’d expect nothing less, of course!

Go #TeamGenius! Go Stephan Wiedner, you make us proud!

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