“Before I hired Cristi, I knew we had something completely different to offer from other weight loss companies but I hadn’t been able to put my finger on how to really articulate that in my marketing. After a short 90 minute conversation with Cristi, she helped me see who my ‘true’ target market really was and guided me on how to explain what we do as a business in a way that was authentically different and directly related to the needs of our target market. I made some changes to our website and the response has been amazing! In one short month, I’m already seeing measurable results! I am attracting more ideal clients than ever before! Cristi was well worth the investment and I have already recommended her to friends – thanks Cristi!” Kelly Spec, Registered Dietitian, Owner, Spectrum Nutrition Centre, kelly.spec@spectrumnutrition.ca
Cristi,Thank you for your generous and insightful service. I'm very happy with our session, it was totally worth the expense. I now have
clarification of what is unique to me.
We don’t know how unique we are,
but we have you to identify it. You certainly have found your
groove in the world. Thank you. Janon Hamel, MPA, ACC Certified Coach www.hamelcoaching.com
Cristi truly knows how to discover and market the genius in you. After your first meeting with Cristi you will see how to differentiate and position yourself as an expert for your industry. I recommend Cristi to anyone starting a new business and seeking to find a solid vision, or trying to re-define what their business means to them." Matt Astifan
Cristi is the Killer-App for any business. The BEST investment I made for my new business in 2011. Breakthroughs, Powerful Shifts and Clarity. I can honestly say working with Cristi before my official launch was the best investment I made in 2011. It saved me a ton of money having to redo my website, redo my content, and redo my marketing approach. Having Cristi’s session prior to launching my business gave me a lot of clarity about my pitch, about my business and about myself. Since our D4D call I’ve had 10 meetings and am working with 5 new clients because of the gift Cristi gave me - when I got to my meetings I felt clear and concise. What Cristi offers is SO effective and impactful, I want to tell everyone. Especially anyone who is about to waste more money on "same old same old" marketing crap. Cristi truly exceeded my expectations and delivered such strong, tangible take-aways. I tell people to Sign Up Now, thank me later! - David Savage, www.essentialhospitalitysystems.com
“After working with Cristi, I am finally clear on how to answer the question: “So what do you?” My company operates in the account and finance world…which can be very difficult to differentiate in. Before I worked with Cristi I wasn’t sure how to communicate to potential clients or even who my ideal clients were. Now that I have worked with Cristi I feel clear. I have direction, I know the unique value I provide and I can describe it in a way that attracts my ideal clients. Cristi nailed it for me in terms of where I wanted to focus my business and which direction I wanted to take…in just 2 hours. -Doreen Tarampi, President, www.venturafinancial.ca
“Cristi came ready with some fantastic points and got me to think through and VERBALIZE which is often where I get caught up so that was a HUGE plus for me. I can finally describe my genius in my own voice so much better than I ever could! Krista Clive-Smith
I was working for a while trying to identify how my ideal clients think and how I can use it in my marketing but couldn't get to the core of it. Now I see it clear. It is so energizing. Cristi, our session was super elevating for me. I deeply appreciate your help! Ekaterina Ramirez, Energy Match Transformation Inc. www.EnergyMatch.ca
After working with Cristi, we have been busier in this first quarter than we have ever been! We have increased sales revenues and have more referral clients than ever. Cristi definitely helped me with clarification on setting up my website, using key words and phrases I wasn't using before in order to differentiate myself in the market. She shared many things I can do to make myself stand out. I am more confident in my ability to know the direction I want to take my business. The investment in Cristi's service was money and time well spent! I would definitely recommend the investment to someone else." Suzanne Kania, President www.SimplifiedFinancial.ca
"Cristi has an incredible capacity and ability to identify strengths and patterns and to articulate pillars of my business and ideal clients. I give a resounding endorsement." Martha Sales, Executive Coach www.achieveyourmark.ca
"Cristi and I worked together through her "Digging for Differentiators" process. Cristi is spectacular at finding and picking up on the important threads of information that I didn't even see as important about myself, and hence, my business! Her process added value to my business and renewed my passion for the business by helping me to see the value that I add to my clients. If you are undecided about what Cristi can do for you, take the plunge, you will be surprised at how invigorating this important "work" can be. Colin H. Trotter, Freedom 55 Financial
"Wow!  I am blown away by working with Cristi.  Although I do it powerfully for my clients, I had trouble expressing what makes me different from all the other “fill your holistic practice” experts.  In our short session together, Cristi nailed what’s special about me and how to differentiate myself.  Her process is so unique and so spot on.  I now feel more confident about what to say so that my ideal clients can’t wait to work with me.      Chen Yen, Cha Ching Specialist for Holistic Practitioners  . Chen Yen, Cha Ching Specialist for Holistic Practitioners www.fillyourholisticpractice.com
"Before working with Cristi, our greatest challenge was how to clearly outline the value of our services to potential clients. We have spent time and money on varied marketing efforts with little success. Cristi gave us a new perspective on how we should deliver ourselves on our website. The time spent with Cristi was really valuable."      Jane Boddy & Pat Miller, Founders, Fairweather Crusies & Events Ltd.
"Thanks Cristi, the “Digging for Differentiators” call was a great process and has completely inspired me to move forward and create something that really reflects me!"      Renee Wilkins, Investors Group
"Thank you again for a great Digging for Differentiators call. I just wanted to add how amazing it is to work with someone who is so dialed in and passionate about what they do. You have obviously found your calling! I read a Deepak Chopra book where he says our only job in life is to find our unique gift, the one thing we do better than anyone else in this world and then ask ourselves how we serve others using this unique talent. I think you nailed it! "      Melanie, http://www.burkeandhair.com/
"Since working with Cristi, my revenue has increased by at least 30% this year. Cristi identified my ideal target market, helped me with my marketing messages, and did a complete overhaul of my marketing materials to make them unique in a very competitive industry. Cristi is one of the smartest and most effective business people I know. She is excellent at responding quickly to my needs and is 100% client focused which is in line with my own philosophy. The end results of working with Cristi have been amazing!"      Samantha Lie, Investment & Retirement Planner RBC Investments
"Thank you Cristi! My closing ratio immediately increased by over 30% after I implemented the recommendations that you provided. Your individual coaching has made an extremely positive impact on my business."      Scott Boassly, Investment Consultant, Investors Group

Audience Reviews

"Cristi is one of the best speakers I've ever heard. She obviously understands how to find and bring out the strengths in people, and how to help people to market their strengths in an articulate, comfortable way. Cristi is incredibly engaging and straightforward in her approach. Using clarity, humour, and clear real life examples, she make it easy for audience members to find a new and inspiring way of thinking about their strengths, and how they can truly stand apart from the crowd. I've heard Cristi speak about differentiation to several groups and have witnessed each audience experience a "light bulb moment" after the presentation. I highly recommend Cristi to help you in your business or professional practice and as a speaker." - Michelle Pockey, Partner, Fasken Martineau & Founder and National Chair, Professional Women's Network
"Cristi Cooke is a riveting speaker with the ability to connect with, engage, and provide value to a diverse audience. She empowers listeners to examine their uniqueness in a new way so they can better articulate their individual genius and apply that to their business. I look forward to working with Cristi again in the future."
Nicole Christen, Entrepreneur Mom Now Vancouver
"Cristi is so authentically herself, that she is able to hold the space for others to be totally open with her. I was finally able to gain another piece of the puzzle for my life that I had been struggling to get in my own journey." Josette Williams, Mobile Marketing Strategist at Ambient Mobile Marketing.
“Cristi has an excellent stage presence, and a natural ability to fully engage her audience. Walton Rogers, 2009 President, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
Cristi Cooke is a PHENOMENAL speaker so do everything you can to go see her. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Jaeny Baik, On-Camera Coach, Award-winning CBC TV host www.jaenybaik.com
“One of the most practical presenters I’ve experienced, her content, ideas, and thought process provided us with a ‘toolkit’ to show our Directors exactly what to do. The material is very easy to apply.” John Davidson, Vice-President, Wealth & Estate Planning Group Freedom55 Financial
“Cristi has the ability to get a room of lawyers excited about marketing and business development, and she customized the presentation to exactly what we wanted and needed. Highly recommended.” Susan Clarke, National Director of Professional Development,Gowlings
“Cristi’s dynamic energy and obvious expertise adds tangible value to the audience, while her engaging and interactive style really keeps their attention. I highly recommend her training sessions for all lawyers and legal marketers.” Betsi Roach, Executive Director, Legal Marketing Association
“Cristi was an engaging and riveting speaker who brought a combination of valuable statistics coupled with invaluable marketing ideas for today’s business professional. Highly recommended!” Paul T. Fawcett, BA, CFP, CLU, EPC,RHU Life Manager, Northern Alberta,Wawanesa Life, Chair, Edmonton Advocis Spring Conference
“When I saw Cristi speak at a conference, I realized she has a compelling message that all lawyers need to hear, and presents that message in a very convincing and logical manner. That’s why I personally worked to ensure she came in to speak to our lawyers at Gowlings, and I continue to support her work.” Rod Seyffert, Partner, and Previous Managing Partner,Gowlings
“Cristi Cooke is a top rated speaker, and a caring presenter who truly wants her audience to succeed. Cristi is motivational, informative, energetic, funny, entertaining, and has the ability to effectively connect with her audience. I recommend Cristi as a speaker.” Tom Flood, Sr. Vice-President, Hulse, Playfair & McGarry
“What I like best about Cristi’s training is how effectively she converts cynics into believers, by using facts, examples, and real content our advisors can sink their teeth into. “Peggy Pratt, Director of Market Development, Freedom55 Financial
“Dear Cristi, In the past thirty-five years, I have heard and participated in hundreds of ‘presentations’ throughout North America by various sales and marketing experts. Your talk this morning was among the four best … not just from content and presentation (which were exceptional) but from a genuine desire and ability to inform and train in a manner that was easy to absorb and will be retained by your audience for, literally, many years of application and results. Your clients have a tremendous resource and are very well served!” John W David,PerfectSalesCall.com
“Cristi, thank you for your captivating presentation on the women’s market! You really brought a hidden business opportunity to light for our members. Considering the positive audience feedback, it was well worth it.”Sharon Davies, Manager – Kanata Chamber of Commerce