I am attracting more ideal clients than ever before! Before I hired Cristi, I knew we had something completely different to offer from other weight loss companies but I hadn’t been able to put my finger on how to really articulate that in my marketing. After a short 90 minute conversation with Cristi, she helped me see who my ‘true’ target market really was and guided me on how to explain what we do as a business in a way that was authentically different and directly related to the needs of our target market. I made some changes to our website and the response has been amazing! In one short month, I’m already seeing measurable results! I am attracting more ideal clients than ever before! Cristi was well worth the investment and I have already recommended her to friends – thanks Cristi!” – Kelly Spec,  Registered Dietitian & Owner, Spectrum Nutrition Centrekelly.spec@spectrumnutrition.ca

It was totally worth the expense ! “Cristi,Thank you for your generous and insightful service. I’m very happy with our session, it was totally worth the expense. I now have clarification of what is unique to me. We don’t know how unique we are, but we have you to identify it. You certainly have found your groove in the world. Thank you.” – Janon Hamel,  MPA, ACC Certified Coach www.hamelcoaching.com


“Cristi is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. She obviously understands how to find and bring out the strengths in people, and how to help people to market their strengths in an articulate, comfortable way. Cristi is incredibly engaging and straightforward in her approach. Using clarity, humour, and clear real life examples, she make it easy for audience members to find a new and inspiring way of thinking about their strengths, and how they can truly stand apart from the crowd. I’ve heard Cristi speak about differentiation to several groups and have witnessed each audience experience a “light bulb moment” after the presentation. I highly recommend Cristi to help you in your business or professional practice and as a speaker.” – Michelle Pockey, Partner, Fasken Martineau & Founder and National Chair, Professional Women’s Network

“Thank you again for a great Digging for Differentiators call. I just wanted to add how amazing it is to work with someone who is so dialed in and passionate about what they do. You have obviously found your calling! I read a Deepak Chopra book where he says our only job in life is to find our unique gift, the one thing we do better than anyone else in this world and then ask ourselves how we serve others using this unique talent. I think you nailed it!  – Melanie, Burke & Hair Inc.