Your Unique Genius – 7 Essential Tips to Stand in Confidence and Declare Your Own Unique Genius

Do you wonder how to stand in a place of confidence about what you uniquely offer, and who your ideal clients are?  In this article, I describe 7 absolutely essential keys to standing in a place of confidence and declaring your own unique genius.

The ability to really own your power and stand in a place of confidence so you can really declare what you do, and who you do it for, is essential to your business success.

And you do want business success, right?

We’ll use one of my favourite BEFORE and AFTER client transformations to demonstrate these tips from Stephan Wiedner, founder of  Check out the Before and After Screenshots of Stephan’s webpage, at the bottom of this article, then come back and read the 7 essential tips.  Great job Stephan!

Tip #1 – Speak in *Your* Own Voice.  One of the best ways for ideal clients to get clear on what makes you unique, and whether they’d love to work with you – is to write as you speak.  Stephan Wiedner’s “BEFORE” example shows the way most people write their marketing content – in “marketing speak” – it sounds like everyone else, and therefore doesn’t differentiate you.  But, take a look at his “AFTER” example. POW!!  He is “writing as he speaks”, so you feel like you know him – it’s like he’s “talking on paper”.  Find your own voice.  Use it.

Tip #2 – Use your Ideal Clients’ Words. Are you wondering Cristi, how can I speak in “my” voice, and use my ideal clients’ words at the same time?  Here’s how.  Stephan’s “voice” is kick-ass, direct, casual, and no-holds-barred.  But notice his sentences like “Stuck at home plowing through stuff, but know you can get a lot more done?” – those are literally his ideal clients words.

Tip #3 – Keep it Simple.  If you try to be everything to everyone, and pack in a ton of different scenarios of all the things you “can do”, your prospects will be too confused to buy from you.   Keep it simple.  Stick to your unique genius.  Stephan keeps it simple and packs pretty much everything you need to know into one sentence:  “I provide kick ass-accountability for entrepreneurs and free-thinkers who want to forge a unique path in this world.”  Keep it Simple.  If you’re struggling to keep it simple, it might be because you don’t know what your unique genius is yet.

Tip #4 – Don’t Begin with Credentials.  Many professionals start with credentials in order to “gain credibility”, but most credentials are easily be replicated, so they don’t differentiate.  For example in the financial planning industry, it sounds like:  “Joe Smith is a certified financial planner, in the business for 15 years, and also holds a degree in economics”.  Ok – pop quiz:  “Who knows from that intro whether they *definitely* want to work with Joe Smith or not?  Instead, begin with content that connects with your unique *ideal* client.  Stephan begins: “Are you spending your days the way you want to? Do you find yourself spinning your wheels?  If that’s the case, work with me, that’s the problem I solve.” – then he goes on to list his 3 specific Pillars of Genius™.  Now he has his ideal clients attention, he could outline his “credentials” (# of years in biz, degrees, etc).

Tip #5 – Own It.  It takes clarity + courage to stand in the power of your genius and ideal client definition.  You will worry “what if my ideal client market isn’t big enough (it always is), or “what if my genius isn’t valued (also nothing to worry about – your unique genius is always valued by your ideal clients).  So, OWN it.  Declare it. Look at Stephan’s BEFORE profile – was he “owning” anything?  How did you feel when you read it?  How about his “AFTER” profile – was he “owning” it? Oh YES.  And, how did you feel when you read it?  Whether you’re his ideal client or not, you can tell he now knows his value, and delivers it.

Tip #6 – Get Selfish With It.  When I ask clients who their ideal clients are, I usually get the “Could and Should” answer, as in: “I could and should work with these people”.  I ask them to “Get Selfish With It” – who are the clients you would *drool* over to serve, you just cannot *wait* to get your hands on their problem so you can fix it?  I know we’ve hit it when they say:  Ok Cristi (sigh).  You know what?  You *really* wanna know?  If I *really* could say who my ideal clients are, it would be (fill in the blank).  And then I know we’ve struck gold.  That’s the answer.  That’s where your genius is hiding.  Get Selfish With It.

Tip #7 – Define It.  Notice in Stephan’s “BEFORE” piece, he talks about his years in industry, his education, his passions for “business, technology, and people”.  He doesn’t actually define his unique genius.  But, take a look at his “AFTER” piece he was able to create after we defined his unique Pillars of Genius™.  Boom, Boom, Boom.  1, 2, 3.  He CLEARLY defines his 3 Pillars of Genius™ from our work in succinct short paragraphs:  Accountability Expert, Entrepreneurial Masterminding, Unwavering Non-negotiable Belief in Forging Your Own Crazy Path.  Boom.  Done.  You’ve got to define your unique genius, so your ideal clients can find you.

STEPHAN WIEDNER BEFORE our Pillars of Genius™ Work:



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